“I strongly recommend Accu-Temp…”

To the Future Customers of Accu-Temp Heating & Cooling.

In the last twenty-one years, my home’s heating and cooling system has been serviced by a total of five heating and cooling companies; four of them are out of business. I tend to be very critical of the workmanship demonstrated by home service providers and I demand good quality work and reasonable pricing. As a Home Inspector, I am fortunate to be able to tell the difference between companies who say they are good versus those who actually deliver on that promise.

Last week, I hired Mike Kosmalski and his team at Accu-Temp to remove an aging 90% efficiency furnace and to replace it with the latest technology 95% Bryant equipment. In addition to federal and state incentives that could apply. Mike was also able to confirm that my old furnace contained a defect that would also be supported by the manufacturer.

His team arrived at the agreed-upon date and time and placed drop cloths over our recently-cleaned carpets and the steps…they did this automatically: I never had to ask. For the better part of a day. Mike and his team removed equipment, fabricated ducting, converted over to the new furnace, and replaced a defective humidstat that I didn’t even notice was failing. In addition, he tuned up my whole-house generator and repaired the outside A/C condenser (fixing a component that was still malfunctioning from the previous company who tried).

At the peak of activity, there were three trucks in the driveway, four to five people in the house and everyone was watching the walls and our storage to protect things from inadvertent contact. I wasn’t watching their every move: I just made note of this in passing and was very impressed. When completed, everything operated as promised and their cleanup was meticulous.

Our home is important to us. Mike and his team demonstrated a level of professionalism and care for our home that proves they understand.

I strongly recommend Accu-Temp to my friends, neighbors, and associates for all their heating and cooling needs. As a Home Inspector who frequently finds bad furnaces, heating problems, damaged A/C systems and leaky water heaters. I sincerely believe that I am doing my clients a great service to recommend the care they will receive from Accu-Temp. Great job Mike!

Greg Vishey, BSME, MSA, SSBB, CRI, NIT
Owner, Vishey Home